Advanced Dedusting Injector ®

Optimize baghouse dedusting performance.

Direct drop-in replacement of pulse-jet blow pipes.

The Advanced Dedusting Injector® optimizes the dedusting performance of your pulse-jet baghouse to overcome typical challenges:

  • Reduce compressed air consumption
  • Reduce differential pressure
  • Improve flow rate
  • Eliminate filter plugging and need for frequent replacement

Optimized Performance 

Before & After
Energy Savings
  • Compressed air consumption is a high energy cost and can be significantly reduced by increasing the interval between pulses. The Advanced Dedusting Injector® improves the dedusting performance of the filter bags by amplifying the total air volume per pulse versus the air volume utilized with the traditional blowtube and venturi configurations. 
Improve Efficiency
  • The greater dedusting performance by the Advanced Dedusting Injector® maintains an optimal differential pressure, which will allow the baghouse fan to run efficiently at lower speed and constant power. The fan will not need to work as much to pull the same amount of flow throughout the system.  
Improve Production
  • Due to the superior filter cleaning capabilities of the Advanced Dedusting Injector®, the filter bags are dedusted more effectively resulting in an improved flow rate and greater amount of collected dust. 
Reduced O&M Cost
  • Improved dedusting of the filter bags by the Advanced Dedusting Injector® significantly reduce filter plugging and accumulation of dust over the entire length of the filter bag. Conventional blowtube configurations, even with venturis, are limited in its effectiveness to dedust the entire length of the filter bags. The Advanced Dedusting Injector® can effectively dedust bags up to 40 feet in length. This helps the bags to achieve its design life as intended and minimize need of frequent filter bag replacement, greatly reducing O&M costs. 

How It Works 

Based on the Coanda Effect.
  • The Coanda Effect: the tendency of a jet of fluid emerging from an orifice to follow a curved surface and to entrain fluid from the surroundings so that a region of lower pressure develops. 
  • The total air volume injected into the filter bag for dedusting is amplified 2-10x when utilizing the Advanced Dedusting Injector®.
  • The coanda effect drives the air volume amplification when the supplied compressed air flows out of the specially designed slit of the injector that cause an inflow of primary air directly into the injector nozzle and down into the filter bag. As the combined inflow of compressed air and primary air is injected into the filter bag, there is an additional inflow of secondary air.