SCR Catalyst Management

Full range of specialized services for catalyst lifetime management

 SCR Catalyst Management Services Provider

We will provide you with the most efficient solution to maintain your SCR system and catalyst for maximum performance, efficiency, and cost savings.
K-Tek International, Inc. is Nano’s exclusive catalyst management service partner.

What We Do

We offer a full range of value-added services for reliable SCR catalyst lifetime management. Our wealth of catalyst design knowledge, SCR system knowledge, and on-site trouble- shooting experience allow our team to provide guidance on catalyst evaluation and to make catalyst management recommendations for your overall SCR system maintenance.

  • Comprehensive catalyst design and fabrication capabilities
  • Extensive catalyst management expertise
  • In-house technical analysis capabilities
  • System inspection and field measurement experience
  • Field installation supervision and labor

Catalyst Management Services

Our service offering is completely tailored to our client’s specific needs. Whether it is for one unit or for an entire fleet, get in contact with our team and allow us to extend our customer-focused catalyst management services to meet your requirements.

Catalyst Replacement Services

We supply Nano’s catalysts specifically designed per your requirements and parameters.

  • Honeycomb type catalyst
  • Plate type catalyst
  • SCR catalyst for low SO2 to SO3 oxidation
  • High efficiency NOx catalyst at low operating temperature

Catalyst Evaluation & Maintenance Services

We offer comprehensive evaluation services to ensure efficient activity during the lifetime of your catalyst.

SCR Catalyst Management Scope

  • Catalyst sample evaluation & reporting
  • Catalyst performance forecast
  • Catalyst visual inspection
  • Field services

SCR System Management Scope

  • Ammonia storage and delivery analysis
  • AIG tuning
  • Control system verifications
  • Flow distribution analysis
  • CEMS certifications
Restored Catalyst Value

Catalyst Regeneration

We can regenerate used Nano catalysts to restore its activity up to 90% of original value at fraction of the cost of a brand-new catalyst using advanced regeneration technology developed by Nano Corporation.

Honeycomb Type Catalyst (Before and After)
Plate Type Catalyst (Before and After)